#LeilaChaibi –“we’re having the first night in the standing position, the 31 March 2016. …”by Leila Chaibi

After night standing, use mélenchon for the knees!
(transcript of my speech to the convention of France above rubies, 14/10/2016).
” there wouldn’t have had the episode night standing in my life, I can tell you that I wouldn’t be here today. In fact just before night standing I thought it was over for me the commitment activist. The enthusiasm that I had put the past in groups or for politics I had transferred to my job and it was very much like this.
I was initially ensconced inside in this wild story by François Ruffin.
His film “thanks boss” he was not yet released that already all before first armored were of the world. If yen has here who haven’t seen it, thanks boss that tells how a couple of worker who found himself without a tune after having been dismissed by lvmh manages to bend the big Bernard Arnaud, boss of lvmh. I’m sorry I spoiled for those who have not seen. So Ruffin He’s hallucinating in front of all these people in the rooms where his film is screened, all these people who are leaving with a huge smile after seeing his movie. He offers me to participate in something he reflected with two other three, to organize something that goes further than a promo of film, based on all this energy where he sees every night. He said to me: ” anyway we have nothing to lose. It may happen some things. Anyway view the mood at the moment we have nothing to lose.”
A few weeks later, we’re having the first night in the standing position, the 31 March 2016. We propose to all those who want to scare the oligarchy of gathering place de la republique in Paris. To Exchange, discuss, eat, attend a concert, live. To participate in an assembly, being really standing in the most literal sense for the coup, because he had so much rain all day that if people were sitting on the floor they would have had the butt dipped. It was a rotten time that night and yet there has been a world of crazy.
And then there will be a 32 then a 33 then a 100 March and beyond. For weeks to Republic then on dozens of places in France we organizes assembled to several hundred, it offers all the days of the meal at price free, free consultations of lawyers, orchestras standing, dozens of commissions on all subjects Possible and imaginable are taking over the world. We’re having actions in support of a lot of causes that bring their door lyrics place de la république. In all this we find full of people who had not before ever set foot in a militant meeting. People who usually spent their evenings to grunt all alone in front of their tv in biting his fingers having voted in favour of François Hollande in 2012, well this time they get up nights with lots of other.
For weeks we showed that we were thousands wanting to another world that we offered the columnists of bfm tv. That this world he was handsome, fraternal, solidarity. Remember that on this place de la république, since a year ago, the only thing that the supporters of a country without hatred had done all together massively, it had been to gather around and cry after the attacks. This time it is massively found to exchange, reflect, share, laugh, make music, organize departures in demonstrations, and taunt their state of emergency.
This who put us up for weeks, it’s the I’m sick of living in a travesty of democracy. I’m sick that a minority monopolizes the power and dictates his law against the interests of the greatest number, both at the political level that, at the economic level. This who put us up it was that all of a sudden we realized that in coming together putting all together, this minority, this oligarchy, we could make her fall.
For three months I thought, like most nuitdeboutistes, that this movement so unheard of, so it wasn’t planned, so crazy to be sufficient to himself and could continue to grow on his launched at the point of bringing down the oligarchy. But it has not been the case.
The Oligarchy is not fallen. She was shutting down, maybe a little, but she’s not fallen.
And us? We woke up, we stood up. It’s not to go back to sleep.
If we want to apply everything that has emerged for weeks in all these night standing, we must use all the levers that exist in the real world to achieve our purposes.
So in the real world, we are at the end of 2016 and in a few months there’s a presidential election. The presidential election, completely rotten thing to see in the background, which is to elect a man to lead a people. We’re okay, to choose in the catalogue of political systems of the 21th century, we wouldn’t take the 5TH REPUBLIC. But in the meantime, it’s like that, in 6 months there is the presidential election.
And in the candidates in the presidential election there is one who can allow us to achieve everything that we’ve told each for weeks during all these night standing. This candidate is he here and his name is Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
So I want to send me to all those who participated in night stand, to all those who have supported night standing from near and far.
Use Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Use Mélenchon to ensure that everything that is told to Republic and in the hundreds of seats occupied has a chance to see the day at the scale of the country. Use Mélenchon to achieve and make palpable our ideals. Use Mélenchon for a change of Republic, to challenge the reign without end incompetents who govern us, whether they are right or “left”. use mélenchon to put them on my knees. Use Mélenchon so as not to miss the opportunity to conjure up the society to which we aspire.
When you’re standing, we’re forced to use his legs. Otherwise we fall. Thanks to night standing we got thousands to wake our legs which were all numb for a long time. These legs do we serve in France, with the above rubies and the candidature of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the presidential election of 2017.”


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  1. jonwadier says:

    c un trop bo discours (beau?) ; j’ai qu’une seule remarque à première vue/lecture: je suis pas sûr : “qui est à genoux “dans la 1ère phrase/phase (?) Please clarify, Leila comme on dit à Princeton 🙂

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